Wave goodbye to the fax machine and email chains with our paperless proposal and pay-out systems.

We accept proposals via Nexus 2, accessible from the MotoNovo Dealer Hub.

Nexus 2 allows you to model a number of quotes and compare them side-by-side whilst illustrating your commission at the same time.

With Nexus 2, you will receive real-time updates on the proposal status and customers could receive a finance decision in 60 seconds!

This system is open for business between 8am and 9pm every day and is mobile responsive.

Why not sign the documents online too?

You can also sign the documents electronically, receive faster pay-outs, manage consumer outcomes, and even get rewarded for positive customer feedback all through MotoClick; our electronic signature device.

This service is not only tablet and smart phone compatible, but is totally secure and legally binding.