MotorV8 is our dealer rewards plan which rewards salespeople for customer-focused sales behaviour.

Salespeople can earn REWARDS points for qualifying transactions which are converted into spending power on MotorV8 Visa Cards.

The MotorV8 REWARDS points calculation matrix incorporates Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) scores and Discount Shopping awareness information established from customer surveys produced at the end of the MotoClick esignature process.

The scores from the questionnaires determine how many MotorV8 REWARDS the salesperson can earn, with extra MotorV8 points being awarded for discussing the benefits of Discount Shopping.

MotoNovo Finance is the first to bring CSI scores to dealers

With CSI Scores, you can measure the progress of your business and continue to offer high levels of customer service.

On average, customers have been rating our dealers 9.5/10, demonstrating just how much customers value the showroom experience.