A new approach. For dealers, by dealers.

The motor industry today is more challenging than ever before. Dealer profit opportunities are under immense pressure from online brokers, direct lenders, insurance aggregators, and car buying websites that are all trying to exclude dealers, like you, from the customer buying experience. It is clear that something needs to change now in order to avoid your profit opportunities being eroded further over the coming years. 

We believe findandfundmycar.com is that change.

Most car buying websites offer the same thing: thousands of cars to choose from. What makes findandfundmycar.com different is that it offers a fresh approach to car buying and selling – a fun and feel good approach.

The proposition is simple, all fees paid by our dealers to advertise their stock goes straight back into the on-going marketing of this fantastic and game-changing platform. Our army of dealers joining the revolution is growing, so make sure you are part of it. 

A new approach to used car selling

findandfundmycar.com was developed to not only be a convenient place to purchase their next car, but one that provided quality they could trust.

By taking away any concerns a customer might have about buying a car online, we are able to deliver the ‘feel good factor’. 

More customers choosing dealer finance

Our innovative search functionality makes finding the perfect used car more straightforward than ever before.

Users can quickly check their eligibility for finance and be given a decision in principle. They can also complete a full finance application in real time, saving them time and effort when visiting the dealership, when all they will want to do is drive away their perfect used car.

A collaboration that benefits all

Collaboration is the principle that underpins everything we have done to date to bring findandfundmycar.com to market. Your support together with thousands of other dealers across the UK, is key to the continued success of our revolution in used car buying.

findandfundmycar.com will bridge the gap between customers searching for their perfect used car and considering dealer finance to fund that purchase. Connecting dealers and finance lenders will combat the erosion of market share and enhance the potential reach of dealer finance.

For findandfundmycar.com to be the collaborative success that we know it can be, we need your support from day one. The current used car market has a pretty bleak outlook for dealer finance, but this product is your opportunity to shape a brighter future for it and you.